About Us

Wheeler mectrade is the sole distributor of Kawada Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd. At here, we have all the products you need whenever you need them. That’s because we worked hard to truly understand your business and together with your organization, we predict and strive towards managing your needs. We also constantly source for new technological products and services which would help you operate more efficiently and with ease of mind.

All our products are stocked in our modern, fully equipped warehouse using our latest inventory control system accessible online through our preferred and esteemed clients. Our close co-operation with our OEM customers allow us to maximise our resources and at the same time being able to support our customer’s regular and urgent needs.

Our current combined facilities in Singapore and Malaysia totalling 40,000 sq ft supported by our in house machining facilities will give our clients a wider choice and a value added service complementing our vast range of automation standard parts and accessories.

So, give us a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Kawada Linear Motion Solutions

Since it’s infant introduction in the early 1900s, linear motion technology has since evolved and improved with tremendous speed. Technological advances in the field of engineering and measurement has made it possible for more quality products with high tolerances to be achieved.

Kawada Kogyo has long understood the importance of this development and is using the early pioneer’s experience on this product to produce it’s linear motion range with strong emphasis on quality. This extensive product line will benefit our customers who are in the fields of factory automation, material handling, packaging, manufacturing, machine builders and many more other related industries.

We strive towards meeting international standards in our products in order to give excellence performance and acceptance by our customers in the field of linear motion. Therefore, we have worked on a set of simple core values and management processes that collectively defines who we are, what we do and how we do it,  that is to provide:

  Purposeful range of products
  Consistent quality
  Product availability
  Fresh approach towards design
  Competitively priced

Kawada Kogyo is embarking on a worldwide exposure to bring the customer towards it’s global network. Be a part of it! The future is what we make today.

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